8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory
  • 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory
  • 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory
  • 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory
  • 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory

8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector |RJ45 Industrial Camera COGNEX | China Factory

■ Place of Origin : Guangdong , China
■ Brand Name : CAZN
■ Model Number : M12-8A1-X-P/S-RJ45-XM
■ Application : Ethernet Industry Camera / Industrial ethernet
■ Gender : Female and male
■ Pin number : X code 8 pin
■ Coded : X Coded
■ Rated Voltage : 250V
■ Rated Current : 0.5A
■ Contact material : copper ( gold-plated )
■ Insert material : PA66 + 30%GF
■ Temperature range : -25~+85
■ Waterproof degree : IP67
■ Certification : CE ROHs
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What Is M12 8 Pin X Coded Ethernet Cable ?

  • M12 connector is  waterproof circular cable connector with 12mm thread and locking nut , rubber ring to make waterproof connection .
  • X coding is one the coding types which is mainly used for 10 GBit industrial internet ,are you interested to find out M12 coding type difference ?
  • X coded M12 connector only have 8 pins for option .
  • CAZN also have A B D Coded M12 to RJ45 cable

What Is M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector

It's X coded M12 connector with one end M12 plug , the other side with RJ45 head , the cable length could be customized by customers .

M12 8 Pin X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector Brief Information :

  • Contacts with solder and screw.
  • Cable material PVC or PUR, cable length 2meter 3meter 5meter or by buyyer's option.
  • Shield or unshield is optional, waterproof degree at least IP67
  • Metal housing connector excellent 360° full shielding, new more damped design
  • Products comply with IEC 61076-2-101 Industry 4.0 agreement, NEMA2000 standard
  • Plug: assembled type, injection molding with cable type (length can be customized)
  • Socket: Front Mount Solder type, Back Mount Solder type and PCB type

8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector Technical Parameters

  • Number of pins :  8 pin
  • Coded : X Y coded
  • Waterproof grade: IP65 , IP67
  • Shell material:Brass nickel-plated / Zinc alloy nickel-plated / PA-GF
  • Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Sealing material : Epoxy resin / Rubber
  • Durability : ≥500 Cycles
  • Contact material : Brass/Phosphorus copper gold-plated
  • Execution standard : IEC 61076-2-101
  • Insulator material : PA+GF/TPU
  • Applicable temperature : -25℃ ~ +80℃
  • Molding material : TPU / PVC

Waterproof 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector Dimension :

The M12 X coded ethernet cable connector have straight plug or angled plug , all can be male or female , and 360 degree full shielded , it's called data type as it's mainly used for transfer datas for industrial internet .

The cable length of the connector could be made as customer's requirement .

M12 8 Pin X Coded Ethernet Cable Electrical Parameters:

X coded M12 connector have 8 pins with same size , conductor zie 26-24AWG , and rated voltage is AC 50V , DC 60V , rated current 0.5A

The working current and voltage should not succeed the rated current and voltage , otherwide it may damage the connector .

Why M12 8 Pin X-Coded Ethernet Cable Connectors Must Be Shielded

As 8 pin X coded M12 ethernet cable connector is mainly for data transmission , if without shielding , the External signals can interfere with signal transmission, resulting in operational accidents .

8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector Cat6a Wire Definition:


Application For The M12 8 Pin X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector

  • Industrial Ethernet applications such as profinet Ethernet or ethercat require plugs and sockets that can transmit high-speed data reliably . The application environment puts forward higher requirements for transmission speed , such as building installation and equipment construction in industrial buildings , production monitoring , industrial camera and scanner systems for data evaluation .
  • In addition to higher transmission speed, the requirements for data transmission quality are also getting higher and higher. Poor quality transmission channels will lead to data transmission errors, which means that data packets must be resent, which increases network load and prolongs transmission time. In the traffic system, it may even lead to traffic accidents.
  • X coded M12 ethernet connector could avoid these problems , insure high speed and quality data transmission .
  • Detail application such industrial camera , industrial ethernet , passenger Information System , passenger entertainment system , monitoring System , heavy equipment vehicles , industrial automation and robotics

Advantage Of  8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector

  • Up to IP67 waterproof , could be used for harsh industrial environments .
  • Comply with internation standard , compatible with Binder , Phoenix , Amphenol and other famous brands
  • Reason price with same quality as big brands
  • Gold plated brass contact pin , antioxidant , high speed transmission
  • High-flex towline RJ45 cable
  • 360 degree full shielded , safe data and signal transmission

Can You Customize 8 Pin M12 X Coded Ethernet Cable Connector Connector For Us ?

  • Yes , we have more than 10 years experience for the waterproof circular connector
  • CAZN have professional R&D team can offer you drawing with your requirements
  • We can also customize with your drawing or sample
  • CAZN offer ODM , OEM , cable assembly , wire harness 

What is Industrial Ethernet - M12 8 Pin X Coded Ethernet Cable

  • Industrial Ethernet is a powerful area and cell network based on IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet). 
  • Industrial Ethernet, offers a way to seamlessly integrate into the new multimedia world. Intranet, Extranet, and Internet provide a wide range of applications not only in today's office fields, but also in production and process automation. 
  • Following the successful operation of 10M baud rate Ethernet, the 100M baud rate Fast Ethernet (Fast Ethernet, compliant with IEEE 802.3u standard) with switching function, full duplex and self-adaptation has also been operating successfully for many years. 
  • What kind of Ethernet performance is used depends on the user's needs. Universal compatibility allows users to seamlessly upgrade to new technologies.

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