M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory
  • M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory
  • M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory
  • M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory
  • M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory

M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | M12 D Coded Ethernet Cable | M12 X Coded | CAZN China Factory

■ Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
■ Brand Name : CAZN
■ Model Number : M12-8A1-X-P/S-RJ45-XM
■ Application : Ethernet , CANopen , Devicenet , PROFIBUS ,INTERBUS , PROFINET , ETHERCAT , Sercos , Varan , SFC-interface , CC-Link
■ Gender : Female and male
■ Pin number : A coded 4 5 8 pin , B coded 5 pin , D coded 4 pin , X coded 8 pin
■ Coded : A B D X
■ Rated Voltage : 250V
■ Rated Current : 0.5A
■ Contact material : copper ( gold-plated )
■ Insert material : PA66 + 30%GF
■ Temperature range : -25~+85
■ Waterproof degree : IP67
■ Certification : CE ROHs
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Ethernet Cable M12 To RJ45 Connector 10Gbps Ethernet Cat6a Parameters:

  • Contacts is brass material with gold plated .
  • Cable material PVC or PUR , cable length 2meter 3meter 5meter or by buyyer's option .
  • 360° full shielded
  • Products comply with IEC 61076-2-101 Industry 4.0 agreement , NEMA2000 standard
  • Plug : overmolded type , injection molding with cable type ( length can be customized )
  • Number of pins : A coded 4 5 8  pin , B coded 5 pin , D coded 4 pin , X coded 8 pin M12 Ethernet cable
  • Coded : A Coded , B Coded , D Coded , X coded
  • Waterproof grade : IP67
  • Shell material : PA66
  • Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Sealing material : Epoxy resin / Rubber
  • Durability : ≥500 Cycles
  • Contact material : Brass / Phosphorus copper gold plated
  • Execution standard : IEC 61076-2-101
  • Insulator material : PA+GF/TPU
  • Applicable temperature : -25℃ ~ +80℃
  • Molding material : TPU / PVC

A B D Coded M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable Connector Items And Dimension :

  • The following diagram shows the molded A B C D coded plugs ,  only the A coded 4 5 8 pin , B coded 5 pin , D coded 4 pin plugs had been used for M12 to RJ45 ethernet cables .
  • The plug for M12 to RJ45 cable can be male or female , straight or right angled
  • The M12 plug for the M12 R45 cable should be shielded , as it's used for signal or datasheet transmission
  • The ethernet cable length could be customized with customer's requirements

What Is The Application For M12 To RJ45 Cable Connector ?

Industrial Ethernet is an industrial communication method based on Ethernet communication. Compared with other communication methods, Industrial Ethernet has the advantages of high speed, high stability, strong anti-interference ability and high interconnectivity and interchangeability. It has been widely used in the field of industrial automation.

Industrial Ethernet used in the field of automatic control industry mainly has the following different communication protocol : Ethernet , CANopen , Devicenet , PROFIBUS , INTERBUS , PROFINET , ETHERCAT , Sercos ,Varan ,SFC-interface , CC-Link , and all of them could use M12 to RJ45 cable for comunication .

For different protocol , the M12 to RJ45 cable connector have different wire definition .

  • For industrial Ethernet/IP protocol : the M12 to RJ45 cable can use A coded 4 pin , A coded 8 pin , D coded 4 pin , X coded 8 pin

  • For industrial ethernet protocol CANOPEN : Prefered  A coded 5 pin M12 RJ45 cable
  • For industrial ethernet Devicenet protocol : A coded 5 pin , B coded 5 pin M12 RJ45 cable is prefered
  • For industrial ethernet PROFIBUS protocol : prefer B coded 5 pin M12 to RJ45 cable connector
  • For industrial ethernet INTERBUS protocol : prefer B coded 5 pin M12 to RJ45 cable connector
  • For EtherCAT/Sercos protocol : D coded 4 pin M12 to RJ45 cable is prefered , have 2 different wire definition
  • For SFC-interface protocol : A coded 4 pin RJ45 M12 cable 
  • For industrial ethernet CC-Link protocol : A coded 4 pin RJ45 M12 cable is prefered

M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable Connector A B D Coded Pin Out :

What Is EtherNet/IP Industiral Ethernet Protocol For M12 To RJ45 Cable :

EtherNet/IP is an industrial Ethernet communication protocol developed by Rockwell Automation. It is managed by ODVA (ODVA) and can be used in program control and other automation applications. It is a part of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

EtherNet/IP supports the following functions:

  • Time division message exchange (for I/O control);
  • HMI;
  • equipment configuration and programming;
  • device and network diagnostics;
  • Compatible with SNMP (Simple Network Device Management Protocol) and web pages embedded in the device;
  • The support for the above functions, providing interoperability and interchangeability determine that EtherNet/IP is an open network standard based on Ethernet and oriented to industrial automation.
What Is Profinet Industiral Ethernet Protocol For M12 To RJ45 Cable :
PROFINET is a new Ethernet communication system developed by Siemens and the PROFIBUS User Association. PROFINET has the ability to communicate between multi-manufacturer products, automation and engineering modes, and is optimized for distributed intelligent automation systems. The result of its application can greatly save configuration and commissioning costs. PROFINET systems integrate PROFIBUS-based systems and provide protection for existing system investments. It can also be integrated with other fieldbus systems.
ROFInet organically integrates factory automation and enterprise information management IT technology, while completely retaining the existing openness of PROFIBUS.

Difference for Profinet And Ethernet/IP

Both industrial Ethernets, Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet, are suitable for various industries. 

First of all, both industrial Ethernets are used to transmit non-real-time data and real-time data, that is, they can be used for discrete control or process control. (Of course not yet for intrinsically safe applications). 

Secondly, both industrial Ethernets can be used for network function safety transmission, Ethernet/IP has CIPSafety protocol, and ProfiNet has Profisafe protocol, and in motion control ProfiNet has ProfiNetIRT, and EtherNet/IP has CIPSafety, both of which are Can be used for high-end motion control. The last two have high precision clock synchronization based on IEEE1588. 

However, ModbusTCP, EtherCat and PowerLink can only complete some control tasks. For example, ModbusTCP generally only performs regular IO real-time and non-real-time data. While EtherCat and PowerLink are more like developed for motion control, these two seem to have no functional safety, nor are they supported by large automation companies in PLC and DCS control, and both of them modify Ethernet, a In software, the other has been modified in both software and hardware, and neither is compatible with standard Ethernet devices. I think the competition for Industrial Ethernet will be between Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet.

What M12 RJ45 Cables Would Suit Industrial Ethernet Application ?

Industrial Ethernet plays an important role in the high-speed transmission of data in automation systems. The digital performance of the network is controlled by active devices such as switches and controllers. However, passive devices such as cables and connectors can ultimately determine the performance of a network.

The frequency of the network cable determines its transmission rate. For example, Category 5 (Cat 5) cable runs up to 100 MHz. The cable is 4 core for 100 Mbit applications ,  if 8 core is used with the appropriate connectors , could reach 1000 Mb.

Twisted pair Ethernet cables have different performance characteristics than solid conductors. It is very important that distance is an important influencing factor. Ethernet conductors are typically 26 AWG and 24 AWG. If you need to transmit data at high speed over long distances, try to use the largest size.

The Profinet standard introduces 22AWG cable, which provides better transmission performance than 26AWG and 24AWG cables.

Materials of the RJ45 cable : Industrial environments require M12 RJ45 cables that are much stronger than those used in office environments. Materials such as polyurethane (PUR) are resistant to mineral oils and high abrasion resistance, they are also halogen-free and ideal for harsh industrial environments

High flexibility ethernet RJ45 cable is that 8 cores inside the RJ45 cable, are all made of thin copper wires, so it will become very soft, resistant to tension and folding, and the price will be higher. It is suitable for use for  industrial ethernet in industrial automation.

M12 to RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Cable Product Features:
1. The towline network cable has stable signal transmission, good conductor flexibility, multiple strands of oxygen-free fine copper wires, and pure copper feet in the moving environment.
2. Strong anti-interference ability: Jiarou cable drag chain network cable adopts double-layer shielding structure, aluminum foil + tinned copper wire braided shielding, shielding density ≥80%
3. Good bending resistance: the economical network cable has a bending resistance of about 3 million times, and the reinforced network cable has a bending resistance of 5 million to 6 million times. The cable is more wear-resistant and oil-resistant, and resistant to mechanical fatigue.
4. Good tensile strength, can be customized according to requirements: Kevlar fiber filling, the tensile strength can be increased according to customer requirements.
5. Excellent temperature resistance: the temperature resistance range of the economical towline network cable: -15℃~+70℃; the temperature resistance range of the reinforced towline special network cable: -30℃~+90℃.
6. Good wear resistance: The selection of specially imported raw materials makes the network cable more wear-resistant in actual working conditions.

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