What Does The Different Coded Type Mean For M12 Connectors ?

CAZN Electrics - 2022-03-07

M12 connector is the most widely used connector product in the field of industrial automation. In the communication with customers, customers often ask, what does this A coded , B coded , D coded , X coded mean? Today , the engineers of caznelectrics will help you to popularize science .

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M12 connector is circular waterproof connector with 12mm thread , with locking nut , O shape rubber ring to make the male female connection waterproof .

The circular M12 connector had been widely used in automation applications such as sensors, actuators , fieldbuses , industrial Ethernet , measurement and control , communications , food and beverage , transportation , agriculture , robotics and alternative energy .

waterproof circular M12 singal power data connector  A B C D X Y S T K L M coded

Due to the very classic and reasonable design of the M12 connector, engineers have developed different coding types to match different applications, and these different coding types can match different voltage and current carrying capabilities. These different pin types can prevent the wrong mating of two connectors for different purposes to prevent accidents.

The user must select the correct number of pins for different application . For sensor and power applications , 3-pin and 4-pin are required . Profinet and Ethernet use 4 and 8 pin counts . While fieldbus,  CANbus and DeviceNet mainly use 4-pin and 5-pin . Finally , specify 12 pins for signal requirements .

There're different pin option for different coding type , details as following :

A Coded : 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 17 pin

B Coded : 4 5 pin

C Coded : 3 4 5 6 pin

D Coded : 4 pin

X Coded : 8 pin

Y Coded : 6 8 pin

S Coded : 2 2+PE 3+PE

T Coded : 2 2+PE 3+PE

K Coded : 2 2+PE 3+PE 4+PE

L Coded : 2 3 4 2+PE 3+PE 4+PE

M Coded : 2  2+PE 3+PE 4+PE 5+PE

Follow is M12 A B C D coded pin arrangements and technical feathers for rated current , rated voltage from CAZN electrics :

M12 A B C D Coded connector pin arrangement

 X Y Coded M12 Connector pin arrangements and electrical feathers as following:

M12 X Y Coded connector pin arrangement

S T K L M Coded M12 Connector pin arrangements and electrical feathers as following: 

M12 S L M T K Coded connector pin arrangment cazn electrics

The different coding type circular M12 connectors can be used for different applications :

A-coded : Mainly for sensors, DC power, 1 Gbit Ethernet

B coded : mainly used for Profibus

C coded : mainly used for AC power

D-coded : mainly used for 100 Mbit Ethernet

X coded : mainly used for 10 Gbit Ethernet

S coded : main user AC power (trend to replace C code)

T coded : mainly used for DC power supply (may replace some functions of A code)

K Coded : is applicable to the IEC 61076-2-111 standard, and can transmit 7KW under the condition of 630V and 16A using 4 power contacts and one PE, which truly realizes the compact interface for high-power transmission  

L Coded : maximum current of 16A realizes the transition from high power to small size, both high power and small size. It can be used for PROFINET applications where a large power supply and a small space are required. When designing smaller and more powerful PROFINET system components

M Coded : can be connected to three-phase motors for high power transmission, suitable for AC circuits up to 8A 690V

 Among all the coding types of M12 connector , A B D X coding is the most popular and has been used for a long time . X coding connectors are more and more popular in high-speed industrial Ethernet , and there is a trend to eventually replace A D coding in industrial Ethernet applications .

If you have any more doubts for the M12 connector , welcome to comunicate with us .