M12 Connector Pins And M12 Connector Pin-out

CAZN Electrics 2022-03-17

Since the M12 connector was developed more than 30 years ago, the M12 connector has become the most widely used connector in harsh industrial environments.

M12 connector is used to connect actuators , controllers , and sensors in the automation industry. It is also often used in industrial Ethernet and fieldbus . The protection level up to IP67 , high-quality materials , make the M12 connectors have very good performances in the environment of corrosion, vibration and water vapor environment. 

At first, the M12 connector only had 3 pins and 4 pins, with the development of technology , the production process has become more and more dexterous, in order to maximize the role of the M12 connector and make it better meet the needs of different industries, the M12 connector has developed a lot of categories:

  • According to the assembly way : have injection molded type , assembly type 
  • By shell material : have plastic M12 connector , metal M12 connector
  • Accord to the number of pins of M12 connector: there are 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 17 pins
  • Accord to the coding type : have A B C D X Y S T K L M coded
  • Accord to the installation position : with M12 plug , M12 socket
  • Accord to the installation angle : have straight type and angled type
  • Accord to the installation method of M12 socket : there are front-mount, back mount ,  PCB mount and SMD type M12 socket
  • By application : there are sensor M12 connectors , fieldbus M12 connectors , industrial camera M12 connectors
  • Sort by different adaption : M12 to USB , M12 to RJ45 , M12 to RS232 , M12 to RS485 , M12 to M8
  • Sort by the locking method : have thread type , with snap-in type 
  • Accord to the protection level: IP65 IP67 IP68
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Different coded type M12 connectors have different pin-out . These different coding types are developed to prevent wrong mating by unprofessional operators, mate the male and female M12 connector that have different application will cause production accidents and equipment damage.The same coded M12 connector , different pin numbers, have different rated current and rated voltage,and they cannot be mated together because the M12 connector pin-out is different.

Even different coded M12 connector that have same quantity of pins , will have different ability of current carring , some may be usd for signal and data transmission , some may be used for power connection, if they mated each other, equipment will not work normally, and the equipment will be damaged, resulting in huge economic losses.

M12 connectors that have same coded type , same M12 pin-out , same connection method, even from manufacturers and made with different materials can be mated with each other, but if the M12 connectors from two devices with different application,it's better not connected together.

A Coded M12 connector pin-out 

M12 A Coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin , 4 pin ,  5 pin , 6 pin , 8 pin , 12 pin 17 pin for option.

M12 3-pin and 4-pin connectors are mainly used for sensors and power supply , 4-pin and 8-pin models are used for Ethernet and PROFINET , CANbus generally uses 4-pin and 5-pin M12 connectors, 12-pin and 17-pin are generally used in various industrial signal transmission.

A coded M12 connector pin out

B Coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 B coded connector have 4 pin , 5 pin for option , are widely used in cable connections for fieldbuses such as Profibus commonly used in industrial automation

B Coded M12 connector pin-out cazn electrics

C Coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 C coded connector have 3 pin , 4 pin , 5 pin , 6 pin for option , C-coded M12 connectors are not used as many as A-coded M12 connector. Engineers often use them to connect sensors or actuators for AC systems in industrial automation. Built with unique safety design, prevents false mating with other coded connectors .

c coded m12 connector pin-out


D Coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 d coded connector normally is 4 pin , had been used a lot for industrial ethernet.

d coded m12 connector pin-out

CAZN Electrics have various A B C D coded M12 connectors,such as following picture,please note,not every A coded M12 connector support 2-17pins,may have less pin option,and some of them may support all coded type,some may only have A coded,some have A B D coded,details please contact our sales.

A coded m12 connector from cazn electrics

X Coded M12 connector pin-out

The X-coded M12 connector has 8 pins, which matches the requirements of 1 Gigabit Ethernet and has fast data transmission speed, it's very good choice for industrial Internet, surveillance, outdoor video and other occasions that require real-time transmission of large amounts of data.

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Y Coded M12 connector pin-out

The M12 Y coded connector can be 6 pin or 8 pin , it's hybrid connector combines both power connection and data transmission functions in one connector , providing a very good solution for more flexible wiring in the field of Industrial Ethernet. It can supportup to 100 Mbps speed and a power supply of up to 30 volts 6 amps, reducing the space and connection time required for wiring.

y coded M12 connector pin-out

CAZN electrics X Y coded M12 connector as following picture

X Y Coded M12 connector cazn electrics

S coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 S coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin ( 2 + PE ) , 4 pin ( 4+ PE ) for optioan , it supports rated voltage up to 630V , rated current 12A , 16AWG wires , widely used to power devices such as motor drivers , such as AC motors and drives, motor load switches and frequency converters.

s coded m12 connector pin-out and electrical parameters cazn electrics

T coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 T  coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin ( 2+PE ) , 4 pin ( 3+PE ) for option,is built accord to EN 61076-2-111 standard, supports 60V rated voltage, 12A rated current, can supply power to some DC devices in automation systems, and can replace some A-coded M12 connectors as power supply functions.

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K coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 K  coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin ( 2+PE ) , 4 pin ( 3+PE ) , 5 pin ( 4+PE )for option , built according to IEC 61076-2-111 standard, it can be used as a power connector in the field of industrial automation, with 2-4 power contacts and 1 PE contact, supporting a rated voltage of 800V and a rated current of 16A, transmitting power 12KW, realizes high-power electrical connection on the interface of the compact interface.

K coded m12 connector pin-out and electrical parameters cazn electrics

 L coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 L coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin (2+PE) , 3 pin  , 4 pin ( 3 +PE ) , 4 pin , 5 pin ( 4+PE) , it supports rated voltage of 63V and rated current of 16A, and realizes high-power power transmission on the basis of small size. Often used in PROFINET applications with high power supply and small installation space. 

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M coded M12 connector pin-out

M12 M coded connector have 2 pin , 3 pin (2+PE) , 4 pin ( 3 +PE ) ,  5 pin ( 4+PE) , 6 pin ( 5+PE ) for option , It can be used for high-power power supply connection of three-phase motors in industrial automation systems, with rated voltage up to 630V, rated current of 8A, and power transmission of 5KW

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 S T K L M coded M12 connector from CAZN electrics as following picture

S T K L M Coded M12 connector cazn electrics