Application of M5 M8 M12 Connector For Industrial Sensor

CAZN Electronics 2022-03-10

Industrial sensors play an important role in automatic control systems

The industrial sensor is in a very criticalposition in the automation system . The sensor senses the signal change andtransmits the signal to the controller . The controller sends out controlcommands according to the signal change , and the actuator executes the relevantactions.  

industrial sensor automation system m12 connector

The harsh industrial environments need waterproof circular connector for safe connections

Because it is used in an industrialenvironment , some industrial environments are very harsh , the connection and communication between the sensor and the controller must be waterproof and dustproof , otherwise the system will be damaged , or the signal transmission will be wrong , which will cause the wrong action of the actuator and affect the accuracy of the system and security. 

automatic industrial sensor M8 M12 connector

What are the specific requirements for waterproof circular connectors in the application environment of industrial sensors ?

Most industrial sensors have a waterproof socket , and then use a waterproof plug with cable to connect the controller and sensor.   

In industrial sensors , different sizes of waterproof connectors are used according to the environmental requirements , the size of the sensor , and the requirements of electrical parameters . 

There are many factors to consider , obviously cost , the environment in which the connector will be used , humidity ,vibration , the size of the connector . 

What are the security considerations ? Normally those involved in the design will be chasing cheaper options without considering the costs that may accrue rapidly in the future . Things like machine downtime , lengthy installation and trouble shooting are all possible problems .

Connector size 

Size does matter, and in many applications,connections need to be made in very limited spaces. Not surprisingly,manufacturers of connectivity technologies are continually trying to shrinkconnectors by combining power, signal and data lines into hybrid connectorshapes while increasing pin count. 

If the best connectivity manufacturers choose the cheapest alternatives, they often see superior long-term benefits and save cash in the long run. 

However, as the saying goes, there is no good for cheap, and I am sure many people will think that. 

Envirnmental factor 

Regardless of where the connector islocated, the signal connection will be affected by the surrounding environment.This can be due to any temperature change, exposure to chemicals, water andoil, UV radiation, ozone and EMI from nearby equipment. 

You must also consider that your connectors may be subject to mechanical shock and vibration , all of these external forces can erode effective signal communication . There are benefits to ensuring that the connectors you choose are properly protected against any potential signal loss threats, whether EMI or mechanical threats, immediate or potential threats, and planning ahead pays dividends.   

Fast , high-quality connections 

Except for the termination point between thewire and the contact, the quality of the contact material will be high due tosignal failure. Low-quality contacts are prone to rapid abrasion, corrosion andoxidation, choosing gold-plated contacts of moderate thickness is a good plan,likewise, don't always buy the cheapest contacts.   

Using a screwdriver and fingers to assemblethe connectors can be time-consuming and tiring if you're installing a devicethat requires multiple connections. Working in a small space with low lightjust makes it more difficult. It is in this situation that quick connecttechnology can make the job easy, and push-in contact, spring contact terminaland IDC terminal types are ideal.   

Coding type 

Another common mistake is placing the wrongwire on the wrong terminal point, causing the trial to pause and drag you backto check for errors. Using coding methods is a simple but very effective toolto incorporate into your design and build process to help prevent incorrectrouting issues, essentially ensuring the correct initial approach is taken.   

To ensure your termination process is asreliable and simple as possible, it is equally important that connectors aredesigned to prevent incorrect installation. The keys of many circularconnectors are designed to prevent incorrect installation, as are automotiveconnectors and industrial connectors, such as M12 connectors that use differentcoding to prevent wrong mating.   

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CAZN have various waterproof connectors for industrial sensors

M5 connector , M8 connector , M12 connector are the ones that been used a lot for industrial sensors .

CAZN have various M5 M8 M12 connector for industrial senor :

  •  Molded M5 male female straight or right angled connectors
  • M8 cable assembly connector , striaght or angled type , plastic or metal shell
  • M8 overmolded straight or angled plug , shielded or unshielded 
  • M8 cable splitter
  • Snap in 
  • M8 T Y L I type adapter
  • M12 cable assembly plug , straight or angled , plastic or metal material
  • M12 overmolded plug , straight or angled , A B C D X Y S T K L M coded , 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 17 pin
  • M12 splitter
  • M12 L Y T L I type adapter
  • M12 to M8 adapter
  • M12 to RJ45 adapter
  • M12 front / back mount socket , M12 PCB mount socket , M12 SMD socket


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How the sensors work in automatic system

The development of industry is inseparable from the sensing technologies , one of the most criticaltechnologies is sensors . It can be said that industrial sensors give automated intelligent equipment the ability to perceive . The evaluation of the quality ofan industrial sensor mainly focuses on indicators such as sensitivity , resolution , compactness , long-term stability , thermal drift and power efficiency . It has the typical characteristics of technology-intensive , multi-variety , small batch , flexible use and wide application distribution .   


M12 sensor connector for industrial camera machine vision

Industrial Sensor Intelligent Detection System 

In recent years, the wave of intelligent manufacturing is getting higher and higher , and one of the key technologies inthe construction of smart factories is industrial sensors . Sensors providehaptics for smart factories and are the primary link for automatic detectionand automatic control . In the automated production process , various sensors are needed to monitor and control various parameters , so that the equipment can work in a normal or optimal state,  and the products can achieve the best quality .   

What is industrial sensor ?

A sensor is a device or device thatconverts the measured information into an electrical signal. The electricalsignal can be in different forms such as resistance value , current value ,voltage value , inductance value , capacitance value , etc.  

Sensing technology is the electrical signalto be measured. Carry out acquisition, storage, transmission, display,calculation and analysis .  

The sensor is composed of a signalconversion circuit of a sensitive element conversion element. 

Simply put, the emergence of sensors hasgiven objects touch, taste and smell and other senses, making objects slowlybecome alive . At present , sensors are developing in the direction ofintelligence, miniaturization , multi-function, low power consumption, and highprecision. 

industrial sensor connector m12 m8 m5 connectors

Different types of industrial sensors

Sensors are devices designed according tothe physical , chemical and biological characteristics and laws of materials. ,humidity sensitive components, sound sensitive components, radiation sensitivecomponents, color sensitive components and taste sensitive components.   

In the field of measurement and control , asensor designed by a certain principle can measure a variety of non-electricalquantities at the same time, and sometimes a non-electrical quantity can bemeasured by a variety of sensors with different principles, so there are manyclassification methods for sensors , generally according to the following method classification .   

Classification by application   

According to the input quantity , it can bedivided into pressure, displacement , speed , temperature , humidity and other sensors .   

This classification clearly expresses thepurpose of the sensor, but it is not convenient to find the similarities anddifferences of the conversion principle of each sensor. 

Classification by measurement principle   

This classification method is based on theprinciple s, laws and effects of physics and chemistry, and can be divided intophysical sensors, chemical sensors and biological sensors. Such as voltagetype , thermoelectric type, resistive type, photoelectric type, inductive type ,etc .   

The advantage is that the working principleof the sensor is relatively clear and there are few categories , which isconducive to in-depth analysis and research of the sensor .   

Classification according to semiconductortheory   

Divided into semiconductor force-sensitive ,thermal , photosensitive , gas-sensitive and other solid-state sensors .   

Classification by manufacturing process 

Can be divided into integrated sensors ,thin film sensors , thick and thin sensors and ceramic sensors .   

Sort by output   

According to the output , there are switch,analog and digital sensors . The output signal of the analog sensor is an analogquantity ; the output signal of the digital sensor is a digital quantity, whichis convenient for use with a computer and has strong anti-interference .   

Sort by composition   

It can be divided into basic sensors,combined sensors and application sensors.   

Sort by action form   

It can be divided into active sensors andpassive sensors.   

Sensor market status and brands

In the global sensor market report , theUnited States , Japan , and Germany accounted for 29%, 19.5%, and 11.3% of theoverall sensor market share, respectively, and the three countries accountedfor more than 70% of the global market share .   

Due to the late start and weak foundation,my country's industrial sensors , like other key technologies, are seriouslylacking in core component technology and weak in innovation. Domesticindustrial sensor manufacturers are mainly fighting in the low-end market . Themarket is still occupied by foreign companies such as the United States , Germany and Japan for a long time , such as Sick, Keyence , Beckhoff , Honeywell , Omron and other well-known foreign companies . 


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