Outdoor RJ45 Connector Panel Mount LAN CAT5E CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable Extension Adapter

Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
Brand Name : CAZN
Model Number : RJ45
Type : waterproof line to line , line to panel
Application : Automotive
Gender : Male
Pin number : 8pin
Colour : black
Material : PVC
Certificate : CE ROHs Reach
Strip length : 10-11 mm
Keywords : RJ45 connector
IP Degree : IP67
current Voltage : 48V
Current Rating : 1.0A
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RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Waterproof Extension Adapter Parameters:

The product has two standard specifications: CAT5E、CAT6A

Two coupling way: Threaded、Bayonet

A variety of installation: Assembly Plug, Front Mount Socket, Back Mount Socket and PCB Mount Socket

Protection class: IP67

Shell material : Thermoplastic plastic PA66, flame retardant grade: V-0

Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ

Sealing material : Epoxy resin/Rubber

Durability : ≥750 Cycles

Contact material : Phosphorus copper gold-plated

Applicable temperature : -30℃ ~ +105℃

Conform standard : CAT5e,CAT6a

Wiring range : 5.5mm~7.0mm

RJ45 Cat5e CAT6a Cable Waterproof Extension Adapter Picture And Dimension :


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