What is the different between M23 power connector and M23 signal connector ?

CAZN Electrics 2022-03-09

What is M23 connector ?

M23 connector is metal shell waterproof circular connector with 23mm thread , it has signal type 6 7 9 12 17 pin , and powe type 6 8 pin for option .

The 6 8 pin M23 connector mainly used for power transmission , is called M23 power connector , also called M923 connector .

The 6 7 9 12 17 pin M23 connector is mainly used for singal , called M23 signal connector , also called M623 connector .

The waterproof M23 connector have male and female straight plug , straight or angled socket .

M23 signal connector and m23 power connector cazn electrics

Anti-corrosion design of M23 connector

 In modern industrial production , there are often some very harsh industrial environments such as strong acids and alkalis , and large currents and complex signal transmission are required . M23 connectors perfectly solve these problems .

M23 connectors are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel or nickel-plated brass housings and advanced polymers for strong corrosion resistance .

In addition to specialized materials , these connectors feature a smooth exterior design that resists dust and other contaminants.

Through rigorous design , rugged housing , high reliability contact technology,  and simple assembly procedures , these connectors maintain high performance in harsh environmental conditions .

Customizable solutions and modular assembly make M23 connectors very good in industrial environments such as manipulation , control , power supply or monitoring equipment .

M23 Connector easy assembly and disassembly for easy on-site maintenance

 The contacts of the M23 connector made of gold plated brass , cold-pressure construction , anti-oxidation , good electrical conductivity .

And the conductor connect to the contactor by criping tools , which can be very quick and convinent , the M23 connector is assembled structure , ideal for field maintenance . 

Waterproof M23 cable connector cazn electrics

 Differences between M23 power connector and M23 signal connector

  • Pin quantity difference

M23 power connector have 6 pin and 8 pin , M23 signal connector have 6 7 9 12 17 pin , so normally we see 8 pin M23 connector , we'll know it's power connector , and we 17 pin M23 connector , we'll know it's signal connector .

  • Application difference

M23 power connector have rated voltage up to 630V , rated current 30A , is mainly used for servo motor system power connection , and other heavy duty big voltage and other industrial connections.

M23 signal connector is mainly used for data and signal transmission , so it have more  pin options , has been widely used for servo motor control system and other automatic equipments .

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