Mining machine antenna glass fiber china factory 915MHZ 3dBi 4dBi 5dBi LORA Helium Hot Spot

Helium hotspot miner machine antenna with high gain 3 dBi 4 dBi 5dBi , frequency 915MHZ (902-928MHz) is widely used for digital currency mining ,the attenna can be used outdoor for long range with strong signal , the booster kit is compatible with LoRa HNT networkd solution mining machine.
The antenna has a female RP SMA connector with cable, can connect to the gateway and all other for helium miners convinently . The minner antenna could work at long-distance for LoRa connection, agriculture , environmental monitoring , urban monitoring , and so on .
In order to increase signal strength , the mining machine antenna has internal copper oscillator , 3dBi 4dbi 5dBi gain , omnidirectional , long distance , far coverage , low standing wave ratio .
Durable material , outdoor all day work , anti-corrosion , waterproof , rainproof , easy to install . The radome is made of FRP and the antenna base is made of thickened aluminum , which is firm and durable and can resist strong wind.
The antenna is compatible with all helium mining hot spots : for Nebra HNT indoor hot spot mining machine , for HNT reward , for Rak hot spot mining machine V2 , for Bobcat mining machine , for Nebra HNT outdoo
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Mining Machine Antenna Parameters :

Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Maximum gain: 3dBi / 4dbi / 5dBi (optional)
Antenna length: 30cm / 45cm / 55cm (11.8/17.7/21.7in)(optional)
Color: Black, White, Gray (Optional)
Radome material: FRP
Radiation mode: omnidirectional
Polarization: linear / vertical
Maximum power: 50W
Input impedance: 50 ohm
Standing wave ratio: ≤ 1.6
Connector style: N male / N female
Adapter: SMA male to RP-SMA female
Installation method: vertical pole or wall hanging
Product packaging: neutral carton
Packing weight: 600g (about)

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