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M8 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable | D coded | CAT5E 4 pin | CAZN China Manufacturer

■ Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
■ Brand Name : CAZN
■ Model : M8 to RJ45 ethernet cable
■ Type : waterproof
■ Application : Industrial ethernet
■ Gender : female and male
■ Pin number : 4 pins
■ Coded : D-coded
■ Rated Voltage : 60V
■ Rated Current : 4A
■ Contact material : Gold-plated copper
■ Insert material : PA66+30%GF
■ Temperature range : -25~+85
■ Waterproof degree : IP67
■ Certification : CE ROHs
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What is M8 to RJ45 ethernet cable ?

An M8 to RJ45 cable is a cable that has an M8 connector on one end and an RJ45 connector on the other end. The M8 connector is a small, 4-pin D-coded connector that is often used in industrial automation and control systems. The RJ45 connector is a larger, 8-pin(only 4 pin will be connected) connector that is commonly used for Ethernet networking.

The M8 to RJ45 cable is typically used to connect industrial devices, such as sensors or controllers, to an Ethernet network. It allows these devices to communicate with each other and with a computer or other device on the network.

The M8 connector is often used in harsh environments, such as factories or outdoor installations, because it is small and durable. The RJ45 connector is commonly used for Ethernet networking because it is capable of transmitting data at high speeds and is widely available.

M8 to RJ45-M8 ethernet cable Order Codes

M8 to RJ45 ethernet cable electrical parameters

M8 to RJ45 ethernet cable detail picture

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