GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
  • GPS GNSS Timming Antenna

GPS GNSS Timming Antenna

■ Manufacture : CAZN , China
■ Product Name : Timming antenna
■ Center frequency : 1575.42MHz
■ V.S.W.R :≤1.5
■ Band : ±10 MHz
■ Polarization : Right-handed polarization
■ Impendence : 50Ω
■ LNA Gain(Without cable) : 30dB
■ Noise Figure : ≤1.5
■ DC Voltage : 3.0~5.0V DC
■ DC current : ≤30mA
■ Weight : <400g
■ Size : 96×127mm
■ Cable : RG58
■ Connector : BNC/Q9
■ Working Temp : -30℃~+65℃
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What Is GNSS Timming Antenna ?

  • In current industrial and military applications, some industrial production equipment needs to cooperate to complete the same task, and some military tasks also require multiple weapons and equipment to attack the same target at the same time to achieve the optimal military target.
  • If there is no statistical time setting for each device, or there is an excessive time error, it is very easy to cause problems such as low production efficiency, low product yield, etc. In military applications, it may cause heavy casualties or losses.
  • One of the main functions of the navigation satellite is timing. The satellite has a high-precision atomic clock. Through the carrier signal emitted by the satellite, the satellite time is transmitted in real time at the speed of light. The signal is calibrated to get the accurate time, which is equivalent to the satellite is a very accurate and accurate watch. You use the antenna to receive the satellite radio signal, and then obtain a very accurate and accurate time.
  • Through the GNSS timming antenna, the production equipment and military weapons can have a unified and accurate time, and work together precisely and conveniently.
Dimension Of The GNSS GPS Timming Antenna (In mm)
Application Of GPS GNSS Timming Antenna
High-precision timing like GNSS timming is mainly used in high-tech fields.
  • Aerospace
Aerospace vehicles, often flying at extremely high speeds. Without precise time synchronization, the exact position of the aircraft cannot be confirmed.Especially in scenarios such as space docking, if the time of the two aircraft is not synchronized, the distance will be thousands of miles apart, and there will be huge errors in the flight attitude, which will eventually lead to serious accidents.
  • Power Industry
We are all using alternating current, and the direction of the current in alternating current changes with time. When different grid equipment is connected to the grid, if the time is inconsistent, your peaks and troughs will be inconsistent, which will lead to excess energy loss in light, or direct short-circuit in severe cases, destroying equipment, paralyzing the power grid, and causing large-scale power outages.
  • The financial sector
Now we are all digital finance, all transactions are carried out through computers and the Internet. When the system time is not synchronized, it is very likely that the transaction will fail and the opportunity will be missed in the rapidly changing market. Asynchronous time may also be exploited by hackers, bringing security risks to the system.
  • Communication Systems
The handover and roaming of communication base stations require precise time control, which requires high synchronization accuracy and sufficient stability. The TDD time division system represented by TD-LTE has higher requirements on time synchronization, and the system time synchronization requirement is ±1.5μs.

In addition to the above industries, including traffic scheduling, geographic surveying and mapping, earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation, meteorological monitoring and other fields, there is a rigid demand for high-precision time synchronization.

Notice TO Install GNSS GPS Timming Antenna

1. Check whether the appearance of the GPS antenna is normal and whether the interface is correct.
2. The GPS antenna connector must be firmly connected with the host and the antenna mushroom head.
3. The connection line between the GPS antenna and the host should be hidden and laid, and ensure that there are no sharp and violent objects in the part where the line passes, and take anti-rat measures to ensure that the connection line is not broken due to external factors.
4. During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to pull the connector part by external force, which will easily cause the feeder and the connector to be crossed or the connector pin to retract, which will affect the normal use.
5. Ensure that the GPS antenna mushroom head is installed horizontally and horizontally, and is not blocked.
6. Because the GPS signal cannot penetrate metal and buildings, it must be installed in a position where the sky can be seen, and requires a wide field of view, that is, full field of view, so as to receive as much satellite data as possible, only if more than 4 satellites are received. data, the GPS module can output valid pulse data.
7. The GPS timming antenna is shielded, too close to high-rise buildings, improperly installed antenna position, poor antenna connection, external force pulling, rat bites and other factors will cause problems with normal pulse output.

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