Beidou RTK antenna feeder RF cable Right angle MCX Male to IPEX UFL MHF coaxial cable China factory

GPS Glonass Beidou RTK GNSS Antenna Cable with TNC Male to TNC Male Connector Cable for Trimble Leica Topcon , CORS RTK GNSS Antenna .
The Cable Length of the antenna cable can be custmized , Used in the transmission of RF antenna signals Such as RTK systems , differential systems , and CORS base stations . It is made of quality wire and has a long-term quality guarantee at china factory .
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MCX Beidou RTK antenna feeder RF cable Parameters :

Model Number : MCX-JW/IPEX-1
Type : COAXIAL RF coaxial cable
Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
Brand Name : Customized
Number of Conductors : 1
connector A : MCX Right Angle Plug
Connector B : IPEX I Plug
Cable length : according to your demand
Contact material : Copper gold-plated
Impedance : 50ohm
cable type : RG178 RG1.13mm RG1.37mm
Polarity : Standard
Keywords : 336503-12-0300
Color : red  black grey

RF cable assembly is aproduction of RF coaxial connectors and flexible cable or semi-rigid , semi-flexible cable assembly , widely used in microwave equipment and data communications equipment. In RFID systems, will need a lot of RF cable assemblies , such as the connection between the reader and the antenna .

Cable Assembly suitable for cabinets and modules , cabinets and Cabinet , antenna and feeder cable ,feeder cable connection to the Cabinet.

1. Application :

GSM system GPS navigation system Wireless communication system .Antennas.Car radio .
Test equipment Microwave components Data transmission LAN system  Satellite transmission .
Aviation equipment 2.4g system.

2. Compatible connectors :
RF cable assemblies in 50 ohms can be ordered using the following connector types such as 7/16 DIN , BNC ,FME , MCX , MMCX , N , QMA , SMA , SMB , SMC , SMP , SSMB , TNC , UHF , UFL and 75 ohms cable assemblies can be made with the following 75ohms connectors such as BNC , F , N , SMB , SMC , TNC and mini SMB

3. Compatible cables : RG Serie ,LMR Serie , Semi-flexible , Semi-rigid etc.

4RF cable assemblies can be produced with many different connector types and custom lengths depending on your needs and applications. If you require a special RF cable assembly configuration not found here, you can create your own RF cable assembly configuration by calling our sales department.



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