What IS Circular Waterproof USB Type-C Cable Connector ?

CAZN Electrics 2022-5-23

What is waterproof Type C connector ?

Waterproof Type-C connector help mobile phones, computers, cameras or other electronic devices with TYPE-C interface to avoid being damaged in living or industrial environments such as water splash, water vapor, immersion, rain, etc. As Type-C connector is type of USB connector , so it's also called waterproof USB C connector .

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In 1996, scientists created the first generation of USB 1.0 technology. Because of its support for hot swapping and convenient connection, after continuous development, it has been widely used in the fields of computer medical equipment, cameras, automobiles, digital TV game consoles, etc., 

At first the USB 1.0transmission speed is1.5Mb/s,has developed to the latest USB 4.0, the transmission speed is as high as 40Gbit/s, and the maximum power for USB connection has also reached 100W, laying the foundation for its further expansion of the application field.

What are the different forms of USB interface?

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 Because USB technology has many advantages, different interface forms have been developed in different applications, such as Type A, Type B, Type C, Micro B, Mini B and other interfaces of different shapes and sizes. The USB protocol has also been developed from USB1.0 to USB4.0.

Type A is also called USB A, Type B is also called USB B, and Type C is also called USB C.

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Type A USB connector

 Type A also known as USB Standard-A, is the most common USB interface at present. For example, our computer , notebook ,servers will come with several USB interfaces. These are Type A USB interfaces. Common computer peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard, also adop TYPE A USB interface.

The USB interface installed on the computer, server, and electronic equipment is generally the female USB interface, and the peripheral device generally uses the male USB interface.

All USB protocols can be used for the USB Type A interface, and different USB protocols can be backward compatible. For example, the USB protocol of the computer is USB3.0, but the mobile hard disk is USB2.0, and the computer can still read USB2.0. and get the data from the mobile hard disk.

Normally USB3.0 connector would have blue color while USB 2.0 normally have white color,especially for the Type A USB  connector.

Here is our waterproof USB connector for example : 

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In addition, some technicians have designed and used Mini Type-A, Micro Type-A, and other interfaces, but they are rarely used.

type a usb connector


Type B USB connector

USB Type-B is generally used on peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, hard disks, etc. The interfaces on these devices are generally female interfaces, and the other end of the USB cable is generally a USB Type A interface, which is used to connect computers, servers, etc.

The size of the early USB Type B interface was too large. With the development of technology and the needs of the market, several other different Type B interfaces have been developed.

Mini-USB is also called Mini B USB. Compared with Standard-B, this design is very small and has been widely used in many portable devices, such as early Android mobile phones and digital cameras.

Micro-USB, also known as Micro-B USB, is slightly smaller than Mini-USB and is widely used in smartphones.

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Type C USB connector

The USB Type-C interface is developed from USB Type-B. Its size is smaller than that of Type-A and Type-B. It is interface type that can be applied to both PC (master device) and external devices (slave devices, such as mobile phones) , the transmission rate and charging rate are faster, and the port size is 8.4mm × 2.6mm.

There are all kinds of electronic devices in our homes. The charging cables and data cables of these electronic devices are different, causing a lot of inconvenience and waste. The emergence of the USB Type-C interface and its superior performance make it expected that it can unify the interfaces of different electronic devices, replace Mini B, Micro B, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and use one interface to realize the connection and power supply of different devices.

At present, in smartphones, Type-C has replaced many MicroB interfaces. Some PC manufacturers, such as Lenovo, have begun to use Type-C as the charging and data interface of notebook computers, and Apple's Macbook has also adopted Type-C as the data and power interface. 

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What are the advantages of Type C that make people expect so much from it?

1. Small size

With the development of technology, electronic equipment has more functions and smaller size. If the interface is too large, it is not conducive to application in different electronic equipment. Small size is more conducive to saving space and promoting the interface to more in many applications

2. Fast data transmission

The Type-C interface was invented in 2013, just at the time of the launch of the USB3.1 standard. The Type-C specification was designed with reference to USB3.1, so the performance parameters of Type-C can follow the performance of USB 3.1, but there are also manufacturers who use USB2.0 or USB3.0 protocol is making Type-C interface,

According to the USB3.1 protocol, the transfer rate can reach 10Gbps, while the transfer rate of USB3.0 is 5Gbpsm, which greatly improves the data transfer speed.

The Type-C interface can support the transmission protocol of Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4, and can realize two-way 40Gbit/s data transmission. With one cable, video, sound and data can be transmitted at the same time, while our original electronic products have power interfaces and data. Interfaces, including video and audio interfaces, take up a lot of space and waste a lot of resources.

Because of the extremely high transmission speed and performance, the Thunderbolt Type-C interface can be used to connect external graphics cards, external solid-state SSD hard drives, and external monitors to electronic devices. Some PC manufacturers have adopted the Thunderbolt 3 Type-C interface.

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 3. Hot Swap

Like all other USB interface , type-c connector can also be hot swaped without cause damage to the equipments.

4. Regardless of the front and back, the operation is simple

micro usb connector

Most USB ports have a anti-wrong-plug design and can only be inserted on one side,not would not insert in. The Type-C interface can be plugged in both positive and negative directions, which greatly facilitates the daily use of users.

5 . Audio transmission

Some electronic devices have removed the 3.5mm earplug hole in order to make them thinner and lighter, but added a Type-C interface. The Type-C interface also supports audio-visual signal transmission while charging and data transmission, and can be more realistic and higher. quality audio output.

6. Fast charging.

The standard Type-C interface can provide up to 20V, 5A output voltage and current, and the output power reaches 100W, which can greatly shorten the charging time.

7. Function extension

Because of the high transmission rate and electrical parameters of Type-C, it can be used as an interface for many external devices, such as mobile hard disks, display screens, graphics cards, video and audio interfaces, and it is very convenient to expand the functions of the device.

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Why USB Type-C cable connector need waterproof ?

In view of the excellent performance of the USB Type C interface, it has been widely used in the fields of consumer electronics and household appliances, so can the USB type C connector be used in industrial automation, outdoor products, medical equipment, and mechanical equipment? The answer is of course yes.

The early USB interface has been applied in these fields. As the advantages of TYPE-C are more recognized, it will also be used in automation, medical equipment, and mechanical equipment products.

Consumer electronics such as cameras, mobile phones, and mobile devices need to face the waterproof needs of life, such as splashing water when washing, water vapor in humid air, rain in outdoor environments, and the test of accidentally falling into water.

If it is applied to the data transmission of industrial automation products, it will face a more severe environmental test, because consumer electronic products generally only need to be waterproof when not connected, and automation products need to be waterproof during charging and data transmission, and also face Vibration, oil pollution, corrosion and other harsh environments.

There are generally two types of waterproof Type C cable connectors in the market:

1. TYPE-C connector that realizes waterproof function when disconnected in life

How is the waterproofing of this structure achieved?

A. The injection molding process of the pin and the plastic body part ensures that there is no gap between the pin pin and the plastic part. Such a process is a measure for the front-end waterproof process

B. Thermoforming is adopted between the plastic body and the metal shell, which can avoid the gap between the different materials and the contact between the metal and the plastic. The main function of this process is to prevent water leakage at the bottom.

C. Sealing ring at the front end of the connector, the material of the sealing ring used is silicone, which has very good waterproof performance.

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This waterproof method is generally only used for waterproofing in life, and has the following disadvantages:

A. Cannot achieve waterproofing during charging or data communication

B. Not waterproof for a long time

C. Do not immerse in too deep water 

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2. Waterproof Circular TYPE-C cable connector that realizes waterproof function while charging and connection

The male and female USB type-c connector can be waterproof connected with the thread or bayonet receptacle.

The connection between male and female type-c can be waterproof , anti vibration , anti-oil , very suiable for automatic equipments, outdoor equipments , medical equipments .

The circular waterproof USB Type-C cable connector can gurantee protection during charging and data transmission.

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What waterproof circular USB Type-C cable connector can we produce ?

Our circular Type-C waterproof cable connector adopts the structure similar to M series waterproof connector, and realizes the waterproof connection of male and female TYPY-C connection with nut and waterproof sealing ring.

There is no certain thread standard for this kind of waterproof connector. Some use the European standard M series thread standard, and some use the American standard thread standard for waterproof connectors.

CAZN circular waterproof TYPE-C connectors are available in two types: threaded and bayonet, using American standard 5/8" 27UNS thread, the large diameter is 15.875mm, the small diameter is about 14.9mm, also called E10 .

1. Waterproof cicular type C connector male to male overmolded cable thread type, both side is male type C plug , one side with waterproof thread, other side is not wateproof. Thread or bayonet type.

TYPE C Male to Male Overmolded Cable thread type,both side is male type C plug , one side with waterproof thread,other side is not wateproof

 2.  Waterproof type C cable connector male to USB3.0 male overmolded cable(Threaded), one side is Type A USB 3.0 plug, other side is male TYPC waterproof connector , thread or bayonet

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3.  Waterproof circular Type C connector male to female back mount receptacle overmolded with thread or bayonet

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 4. Waterproof circular  type C cable connector female back mount receptacle to USB 3.0 male plug , thread or bayonet type .

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5.  Waterproof  circular Type C cable connector  female to female back mount receptacle ( Threaded or bayonet ) 

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6.Waterproof circular Type C cable connector female back mount PCB receptacle with pins ( Threaded or bayonet )

waterproof circulart TYPE C Female Back Mount PCB Receptacle(Threaded)

7. Waterproof circular Type C connector female back mount receptacle with wire ( Threaded or bayonet )

waterproof TYPE C Female Back Mount Receptacle with wire(Threaded)

Waterproof USB Type-C connector application

1. Consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras

2. Portable wearable devices, such as smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

3. Intelligent terminal equipment, such as household appliances, outdoor sports equipment

4. Virtual reality devices, drones, robots

5. Medical equipment, vehicle navigation, automation equipment, outdoor equipment, etc.

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